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MLB survival pool


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It's pretty interesting that football, hockey and basketball all have very active threads, and baseball doesn't even seem to be a topic here. Maybe it's from that time the World Series got canceled, but I often find myself alone in watching baseball. And I don't care much past the Marlins: there are a couple of recent World Series that I didn't bother to watch.
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Where the hell have you guys been?


Football is important, and indeed, many of us are pissed to have pooched the NFL Survival-Pool, but there's plenty of baseball to discuss .. I'm no keyboardist, but I love both sports


That said, and although baseball does make me happy, I have a hard time getting my head around the notion of a survival pool for a series-based game such as baseball. (?)


For further discussion, taunting, or any other witty banter, I humbly suggest resurrecting the 2003 Baseball thread I started up here long ago.. It seems that off-season basketball and pre-season football has garnered more interest on this forum than what's been a great baseball season so far ... so bring it on!!






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