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portable midi keybord controller


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I am a composer and violinist,always on tour. I am searching a keyboard controller, lightest possible weight but still as many keys as possible. Is there some foldable midi device,micro keys??? Someone mentioned combined Music/computer keyboard. What is that? Or are anybody custom building? How about laptop with midi? Thanks for any help.
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The PC keyboard with a MIDI keyboard built in is the Prodikeys made by Creative.




This is not much smaller than the ReMOTE 25 by Novation, however, and far inferior as a controller.




Maybe a Microkorg is your best bet, plus it is a decent synthesizer:




Also the Korg Microkontrol is about the same size and has drum pads but no synth:



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Musician\'s Friend the other day had a Novation K-station, open-box, for around $399. That's a steal for that particular product. If you're looking for lots of control knobs, the Remote25 might suit you better, because the K-station's controls seem to be dedicated. But the K-station has the advantage of being a good synth in its own right.
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