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K2000s upgrade question


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Hey there


I am considering upgrading from ver. 3.18 Janus to 3.87 Janus for the K2000s and droping in an internal drive as the external cdrom is cumbersome


Does anyone have an eprom upgrade for sale? (I've tried ebay but no cigaThanks Dave of Winnipeg

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I don't believe you'll have much luck getting soomeone to sell you a programmed EEPROM unless they've replaced it with a newer version. One thing you may try is finding out what the EEPROM part # is and buying that through an electronics store. But first see if Kurzweil will let you send them the EEPROMS and burn in the version you are looking for. Kurzweil may also sell you the EEPROM if they still have them. I'm going through this with my Wavestation A/D right now. It's more complicated then I anticipated.

Good luck.

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