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Help With Midi Controller


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I am considering buying a Midi keyboard controller. I've looked at the Evolutions, the Roland PC-300, Fatar, etc. and just can't make up my mind. I'm just looking for a unit to use at home with my computer so I don't need portable functionality. Advice?
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Maybe a little more information could be supplied ... are you looking to enter in just notes or do you want to able to enter program changes as well?


If you just want to enter notes for composing with a software program, for example, go with the cheapest. There's even a combination music/computer keyboard which is interesting.

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I recommend the Radium 61!

Its what I got and it works great...you just plug the usb or use the powerpack with some other midi device and you are set. It has all the knobs and sliders plus a octive key that I use a lot...so you get a bunch more octives.


I also have just a cheap (just keys) 49 key midi controller always hooked up to my pc via the gameport.


I found the Radium 61 online for $191 ... you find the cheapest you can find then you go to one of the big named sites and have them beat it.


I've heard that the Evolutions keys are slightly smaller then all the other controllers so I dont know if thats true or not.

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