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Anybody else on the Forum played or own the Motif ES "besides Dave Bryce" :-)


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I guess the subject header says it all. :)


Also, this is my first post on this Forum. I belong to other Keyboard Forums, with one of the better known ones being Motifator.com. I've ordered the Motif ES7 from GC and can hardly wait to get my paws on it. From what I've gathered around the Net, only a very select few have been fortunate enough to already have it in their posession. I mean, I was really bummed when a fellow Keyboard Forum member (not this Forum), was actually able to walk into a Guitar Center in Sacramento, CA and they had "3" Motif ES8's IN STOCK! He didn't even have an order in for one and he was able to snatch one up!! Here I am, I ordered my ES7 over a week ago, paid for it in Full, and I'm stuck listening to this guy rave about his new Motif ES8!?!?! He just walks into GC and shortly after has a Motif ES8 under his arm (more like on a dolly) ;) - and gleefully walks out of the store a new proud owner of a VERY SCARCE at the moment M0' ES Keyboard. :( I know life isn't necessarily fair; but couldn't it have been unfair to him and the one who actually already pre-ordered one, ie., "ME", be the one that ended up with a Mo' ES? :D -- Does the word green with envy ring a bell? :mad:



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I played on an ES 8 tonight. I looked forward to it all day and I was prepared to buy it.


However the store had it hooked up through 2 unmatched, low-quality mono amps with lots of line buzz etc., so I asked for a set of headphones. The salesperson dragged his feet about it, "You want what?" he asked, like I'd asked for Grey Poupon, before bringing me back a set of suspiciously cheap-looking headphones. The ES 8 sounded very bad, in particular the piano was very poor sounding. Generally a very bad listening experience in all categories. I suspected the headphones were even worse than they looked so I went back to the guy and said it sounded awful and asked if these were decent headphones. "Those headphones are complete crap" he said, without offering to do anything about it. I just looked at him a minute, then said expectantly, "well, I'm used to pro-quality headphones and monitors so I can't judge the keyboard without something decent to listen through..." He just turned away from me and went back to what he was doing.


Obviously I didn't bring the ES 8 home and I can only hope that what I heard tonight is not representative of the instrument's capabilities. I'm so glad that Yamaha gave the biggest jerks in town first dibs on their new keys, too. :confused:

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I heard the ES8 at Bryce's crib, through (guess what) ADAM S3A monitors, which will mercilessly reveal anything that doesn't sound right.


Long story short: I'd bet money that your poor listening experience was due to those headphones.

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I play it for a 1 hour here in Denmark(Yamaha-Road-Show) and I like it very much.


I am going to buy it the song trance act sound alot better in motif ES I like that song.


Motif ES 6-ION-A6 :thu:



Access Virus TI keyboard,Alesis ION,Yamaha Motif ES 6,Roland Fantom XR.

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