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Is the MotifES shipping?


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I checked out of gear central for a couple of months while I've been doing a major kitchen renovation. I've been playing 1-2 gigs a week, but otherwise spending minimal time obsessing over music and gear outside of the brief escapes from reality that I get from gigs.


I have been keeping tabs on a couple of threads and the MotifES is very intriguing. Thanks to Dave B. for keeping us up to date on this keyboard.


I'm wondering if this is available? I have been this close to buying an S90 on a couple of occasions, but thankfully the home project diverted my attention (and funds) for a little while, as it appears that the ES is much more desirable.




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It started shipping last Friday. Since you're out on the east coast it may be several more days before the reach the stores in your area.

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