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USB audio interface choice? $$$?


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I recently borrowed my friends UA-1A



And I fell in love with the clear audio single that I can record with it! Install was a snap...just plugged it in and wahla!


He wanted it back and now I'm left with a decision to buy it... I searched the net out for a comparable cheaper device and I found the

Telex P-500 shipped to my house for $28.45.



Now does anyone know how the UA-1A and P-500 compare to each other?



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I could not tell since I can not find any real technical spec about the TELEX toy...

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I'm not even aware of the Telex box. This is an area where you don't want anything crappy (unless stutters, pops and inability to connect is your idea of fun).


M-Audio, TASCAM, Roland (Edirol) all make fine boxes for USB interfacing, and some are damn cheap for what they give you.


- Jeff

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