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which spectrasonics library rocks?


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I just bought trilogy and as I was walking out the door, on of the GC drones handed me a coupon for a free spectrasonics library. here are the choices:




-retro funk

-distorted reality1

-distorted reality 2

-bizarre guitar

-liquid grooves

-liquuid grooves (groove control edition)

-burning grooves

-supreme beats v1

-supremem beats v2


I really have no idea which of these are good. I went to spectrasonics' website and all the audio examples are within the context of a song. Does anyone have any experience with any of these?


I have the following software already:

sonar 2.22xl

reason 2.5

soundforge 6

NI b4


sounds from my kurzweil pc88mx


any ideas, reccomendations?

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i should probably note what I need:


I'm a jazz pianist so I gig and record accordingly. I've also got a degree in jazz theory and composition, so i'd like to use it to do movie scores. Furthermore, I'm getting into producing pop (i know i know :rolleyes: ...but it's fun)

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A free Spectrasonics library? Nice deal!


I have "Liquid Grooves" and "Backbeat", and like them both very much.


"Backbeat" is a rock-pop collection. These are great, straight forward drum loops with a few interesting twists (ex. a Stax groove, a Chili Peppers funk, a Jeff Porcaro shuffle, etc.). It's a really solid library, very practical for everyday use. I bought this instead of "Burning Grooves" because it seemed more versatile.


"Liquid Grooves" is very different. It's well suited for contemporary or smooth jazz, or pop-R&B. Each "groove" has many different mixes, and the parts are separated (but not to the degree of the "Discrete Drums" library). So, you could grab a conga loop or a shaker loop alone. Also, there are Korg Wavedrum loops which provide a unique texture (sounds like an electronic tabla, for lack of a better way to describe it). The only downside of "Liquid Grooves" is the lack of intros and fills. You can create your own with the Groove Control version because each hit in the loop will be triggered by your sequencer (similar to ReCycle).


IIRC, "Distorted Reality" and "Metamorphosis" are very popular with film score artists. I wouldn't use these everyday, but YMMV.

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it looks like it's probably a GC thing...the form I got was entitled:


ILIO/Spectrasonics 39th anniversary offer


so I'm guessing that it refers to GC's anniversary?


synthetic: yeah they do sound pretty cool


mark: you're right, backbeat does seem versatile. how would it compare to say, "retro funk?"


thanks for the input guys...

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Originally posted by schmoron13:

mark: you're right, backbeat does seem versatile. how would it compare to say, "retro funk?"

I've only heard the "Retro Funk" MP3 demos on the Ilio website. Seems it and "Backbeat" complement each other. It's probably a killer library for exactly what you'd expect: nasty, soulful '70s funk (Stevie, Ohio Players, TOP, etc.). Since you're a jazz player, it's probably great for things like "Mister Magic" and Headhunters, even funky smooth jazz like BWB (OK, I'm not a smooth jazz fan but I do listen to Rick Braun).


Without knowing what sample libraries you already own, it's tough to recommend one over the over.

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I have and use Liquid Grooves. It might even be considered a little overused by now. I've heard the loops in a good many Car comercials. It, like all of the spectrasonic stuff I've ever heard, sounds great. LG is great for color or for a complete groove. There are no intros or outros or even variations. Just grooves and their individual loops. I would classify the sound as something like "post modern tribal."
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