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After reformatting my 1 yr old pc for the 9th time, I've decided that Warez ERR cracked software is just too damn unstable. Thus, I've been int he process of buying everythin I used.


That being said, I got a bunch of new software yesterday at GC (wanted to broker a deal).



-Sound Forge 6


-Reason 2.5


My big swindel ERR deal was getting them to drop reason to $230!!!! I couldn't believe they actually went for it.


I'm now waiting a month (hopefully) before going after lounge lizard (I'll use cheese machine in the meantime), the UAD-1, Autotune & Micmodeler, and a control surface...


Buying software is much more fullfilling, both in the fact that you know/hope the software is stable (...well virus free in exchange for bugs), but DAMN, it's a lot harder on the checkbook...

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That's not gear. Gear is something you sit on a stand, drop on the floor, and haul to the repair shop. You touch gear, not look at it on a computer screen. Gear has keys or strings, wood and metal. Not a box and a CD. :rolleyes:


Anyway, congrats on going streight. :thu:


What host are you using? I did not see that listed.



This post edited for speling.

My Sweetwater Gear Exchange Page

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I bought sonar 2.22xl as I used it back in v6 (pro audio) and v9 came with my aardvark direct pro q10 so i had the greatly reduced upgrade path...


MAN, I went through hell last night installing the software. I was under the impression that legit copies alleviated these types of messes. It turns out that Aardvark and Sonic Foundry are working on a major bug that crashes yourr computer when you try and install Sound Forge with an Aardvark card. But I emailed Aardvark, and they fixed most of my problems.


I havn't tested out Trilogy or b4 since the fixes, but they showed me some tips to avoid getting constant dropouts... I kept having to change the virtual routing in sonar to accomadate trilogy which was a real nuisance.


THough Rabid, if I would have gotten a UAD-1 card, that's technically gear, ain't it...though I wouldn't be able to touch it, rather just see it on my screen.


Jimmie, you're right...I like the buying part, I just hate the paying aspect of it... :D

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