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Micro Q or Micro Q Lite?


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I purchased a Micro Q rack from Guitar Center for 400 bucks since it was being blown out. How can I tell if I have the Micro Q rack or the Micro Q rack lite? I believe the Micro Q has 25 voices and the Micro Q lite has 12 voices but both modules look identical.. If anyone owns one of these and can help me out, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
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:D I mean, I own Micro Q and had exactly the same mystery to resolve about six months ago. I ended up writing to Waldorf support and they told me to find out what is the module's OS. I looked into the Global menu and reported back that it's 2.14. Then I got this reply from them:

"... Then we're talking about a standard microQ with up to 25 voices. The microQ lite cannot load any OS like 2.0 or higher."


Hope this helps.

I am back.
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