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Kontakt or SampleTank XL?


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Kontakt is the best solution for sound mangling. SampleTank XL is a ROMpler, and not tweakable, although the forthcoming SampleTank2 will have a lot more features and is something I am looking forward to. If you like open architectures, Kontakt with some good libraries is your way. If you like playable sounds, ST might be your best option.
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I'll echo what Prog said. SampleTank is like a ROMpler that you do not program. It has lots of sounds. Kontakt is more open and is getting better at loading GigaStudio samples. While Reaktor is nice and does have some sampling feature, Kontakt takes it much further and is easier to manage. One more thing about ST and Kontakt. ST comes with a better sound set. Kontakt comes with some samples but nothing exciting. You need something like SonicStation to turn Kontakt into a good ROMpler.



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Originally posted by hangee_77:

Does the Atmosphere has all the common sounds like; pianos, bass, guitars, drums, etc?


Hanjaya C.



Atmosphere is great, but not "bread and butter". Synth pads, synth leads are what it does best, and probably better than anything else out there



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