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I love new toys

Dave Pierce

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Ok, so it isn't much to those of you routinely get stuff like new Motif's delivered to your doorstep (luv ya, dB :P )...


But I just scored a new MIDI controller for my live rig. I've never owned a keyboard that was designed to be a MIDI controller. It's pretty cool. I've been using an 80s-era DX-27 for non-weighted control of RD-700 samples, and it just sucks rocks through straws.


This thing is sweet though. Paying gigs are good, I get to buy stuff. :D


It's the M-Audio Radium61, BTW (Hi Gustavo! :wave: )



Make my funk the P-funk.

I wants to get funked up.


My Funk/Jam originals project: http://www.thefunkery.com/


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