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Creamware Scope Midi Routing?


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I have a midi routing from the Pulsar2 midi I/O connected to midiman interface and from midiman interface to my midi keyboard controller.

Can someone help me to configure the midi routing on the Scope Routing Window table?

There are: Sequencer Midi Source 1 out, Sequencer Midi Dest 1, Pulsar2 Midi A Source, Pulsar2 Midi A Dest.




Hanjaya C.

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Sequencer MIDI source: accepts the MIDI output from your sequencer. So, if you record parts into a sequencer for playback in the Pulsar, this is equal to the sequencer's MIDI out to the Pulsar.

Sequencer MIDI dest: if you were to send a MIDI signal from the Pulsar to your sequencer, you would route it through this. Personally, I don't even use this. Since any patch changes are saved right there in the computer, I don't need to send sysex. All I need to do is to tell the Pulsar what to play.

Pulsar MIDI source: this represents the actual physical input to the Pulsar. If you're not recording as MIDI into a sequencer but instead playing the keyboard directly into the Pulsar, that's what you're using. You would make a connection from that to whatever module you want to play.

So, what are you doing? Are you recording MIDI into a sequencer, or are you playing directly into the Pulsar and recording as audio?

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I don't use XTC mode, I use Logic as a sequencer. Logic transmits out the computer's MIDI interface (attached to the serial port), and the Pulsar is hooked up to the MIDI interface. So, although Logic and the Pulsar are in the same computer, there has to be a MIDI interface for the two to communicate. So, the chain is keyboard->Logic->MIDI interface->Scope. I turn the volume off on the keyboard to play the Scope instruments; any parts I record into Logic will play the Scope instruments on playback. Of course, I can set the keyboard and the Scope instruments to different MIDI receive channels to make sure that both don't play back the same part.

Modular III? That must be really nice; I've got the M2.

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