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What I want in a control surface if I'm going to use a computer on stage:


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After seeing the Neuron I realized someone else had thought up the same idea I had, and that is finger size infinite turn data wheels mounted below the surface

.... but I want more of them...rows of them grouped in fours, one for each finger,so I can roll 4 at a time. Below each group of 4 wheels I want a sideways rotating one for the thumb that changes pages for what the others wheels control. When I change pages with my thumb, I want the computer screen to change also to show exactly what's being controlled by the data wheels that are resting under my fingers.

Why is this superior to sliders? Because there is never a jump to the current positon when a slider is moved. That is too abrupt. I don't want "pass through current setting" before I hear a change in the slider setting either. That is too slow. I want instant change from my current setting and only infinite turn wheels can do that. The reason I don't want normally mounted infinite turn knobs is I could only use one at a time. If I am controlling organ drawbars for instance, I want to control at least four (or five using the thumb) at a time.


There, I've spilled the beans for my recipe for an an instant success control surface for keyboardists using computers on stage. I hope somebody bakes one soon and serves it up by next NAMM




Oh, one more thing. I want it small enough to fit in the blank space between the modulation wheel and the volume slider on my S80 (or my new Motif8 ES when I get it) This means it can't be too wide so I want mulitple vertical rows.

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Sounds like a good idea.. makes me wonder though.. what if someone was right handed for the wheel/slider stuff? In that case keyboards should have 'em on the left and right.. I'm sure theres people out there that have to deal with using their left hand and its feeling of awkwardness.. it's natural for me to use my left hand.


But if anyone asked me to play guitar right handed, I can't.

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