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The Craig Anderton Tempo/Period/Sample calculator


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Hi there!


I put this up on Craig's forum yesterday, but I thought I'd add it here for the benefit of those who may not dare to enter the DMZ that is SS&S... :D


Originally posted by ChristopherKemp:

For all those who accuse me of being anti-M$...well, you're right. :D But that didn't stop me from trying to help you guys out...


Remember Craig's recent EQ column that had a downloadable Excel spreadsheet to calculate period & number of samples for a given tempo? Well, as Excel is a Big Fat Resource Hog, and as I have been trying to learn a new scripting environment, I have taken the liberty of borrowing Craig's formulas - yes, he already knows about it - and created a little thing called TPSCalc. It's a small application (about 187k) that will display those calculations for you, without eating up all your memory. ;)


YOU, my friends, get the Public Preview Release - Craig says that they may host it on the EQ website as well, but for now you can get it here, from this super-secret download link.


Check it out, play with it...if you have any comments either post 'em or email me (the latter is the best way to be sure I'll see it fast!) :thu:

BTW - the download is almost 2 MB, because there are some libraries that some people might need, but the program itself is small. Look at the README for details.
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