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Oldies but goodies (for the rack).


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I have an old MKS-70. Though I wish it were an MKS-80, this piece still has a lot of character.


These recent threads are going to make me dig out the Morpheus... I'm still not unpacked from the move.

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Classics (no explanation needed)___

Prophet VS rack

MKS 80

Wavestation A/D

TX816 (with a QX-1 heh)




Kurzweil K250RMX - just because it looks so cool.


Kurzweil K150 - I actually liked this...but it weighed more than my 1000 watt PA power amp. It has the most realistic piano ever...if you only play middle C.


Linnsequencer - this was the future of music...about 3 years ahead of its time. I'd love to see Forat fix this thing if there are any left.


Proteus 1,2,and 3 - purely sentimental. They really do not hold up that well in terms of sound quality, but E-mu wrote the book on good user interface design in a single space rack.


Bit 99 (or was the 01 the rack unit?) - six or seven times, I could have bought this thing for < S100.00. Damn.


Yamaha RM50 - Anyone know where I could find one of these?


Marion MSR2 - Did T.O. ever produce a second engine for this thing?


Rack units that are out of date that I never want to use again (YMMV)______________________


Mirage Rack - yes, it's a "classic", and the grunginess adds "character". But programming it is "clunky" and a "nightmare".


Akai S612 and the quickdisk drive for it - The biggest scam akai pulled until the S01. Entry level, my ass.


Oberheim OB-Mx - never owned it, but I tried to sell it when I worked retail. This one may not have been in this category, but I never saw one work correctly.

"For instance" is not proof.


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