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Any Rode NTV users?

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My NTV is a great, great mic, but I think my Presonus MP20 preamp is just a little too naked and honest for it (this is an early MP20 with the Jensens). Seems like too much detail on vocals, if that is possible - I'd like to tone down its presence without losing too much signal. I have a much easier time getting my little AKG C3000 to record vocals that sit in the mix easier. All I record is my own voice - a Paul Simon/Bruce Cockburn sort of vocal sound.. Any suggestions? M Peasley
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I've been in your shoes on that one. To be honest, just using some tape delay can add some of the fuzziness you desire. Most people responding to this thread will jump on the presonus mic pre, but you should really be able to get fine results from it. It sounds too upfront? Try singing further back from the mic, or rolling off some bass. Try to get some more "room" sound, if it works for the song. Are you filtering at 90hz?

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