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past issue - ambidexterous piano


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Hi everybody!


I'm compelled to write because I remember having seen an article on an old keyboard ('95? '96?) with sheet music and everything, about an ambidexterous composer writing for the piano. I even remember that I had midi examples downloaded from the site... This guy had a number of pieces that were written by splitting the keyboard symetrically (on D and Ab) and playing exactly the same thing with both hands...


Obviously, I don't find my old keyboard issue (or

know exactly wich one is it) , and I've lost the midis long time ago due to a HD crash. Can somebody help me in finding the issue, midi files, article, name/music of the composer, a link, or a gun to shoot myself on the foot for collecting old magazines and not finding the right one when I need to?


Thanks a lot!!


Juan Miguel (from Argentina!)

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jmexio, I was perusing old posts and came across your post. I think the pianist in question is Borah Bergman. I remember the Keyboard article as well and later bought a CD of his.


This guy has crazy technique! It's like listening to two pianists at the same time. I would say he is more Cecil Taylor than Art Tatum in his style. Anyways, here's the link to the article:



Go to "Back issues" link and search by his name.



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Perhaps someone can confirm/deny the following for me:


I have heard that Oscar Peterson can play two entirely different tunes, in different keys, with different tempos, one on each hand on the piano, then, at a randomly given signal, can instantly swap the tunes to the opposite hands and carry on without a single glitch!


It was said that he has a very narrow cerebral cortex (the bit that joins the two halves of the brain) and this is what allows him to process the two tasks almost completely independantly.


Is this true, or just another urban legend?



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