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What do you call it when..


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you play an instrument that you don't have alot of experience with, you can't read notation for it, but you can play something rather nicely on it after a few moments with it?


I played more on a Yamaha S90 and something else at the store today, on the grand piano patch, and.. my best friend said I was pretty good.


Is this "potential"? I don't consider it talent.. I know if I was given an instrument for a few days I could write something decent/good (imo and maybe a few others) with it

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Originally posted by The Jeeebus:

I started out as a hack guitarist and hack keyboardist rolled into one. I eventually become a good enough hack to make money by teaching other people, hacking live, and recording my hacking, so it all worked out for me. ;)

That's called a LUCKY hack, Jeebus! :D


Gas :cool:

"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent." - Victor Hugo
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I believe the sitar part in the Stones' "Paint it Black" was a hacked part, Brian Jones had never touched one before that day...


Interesting topic, as I started playing a sax in April and I'm starting to price wireless mics.... I'm certainly not good yet but its just about to the point where it sounds better than my sax synth patches, and that's what its all about... :thu:


"Eccentric language often is symptomatic of peculiar thinking" - George Will


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Originally posted by Dave Bryce:

Broncos suuuuuuuck! :D:eek::P:D


(ducking and running)



This clearly an attempted thread hijacking, pal. Consider yourself reported to the moderat -- oh, wait. Never mind.
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Originally posted by BILLEVANS:

Ah yeah baby,

This is gonna be a grrreat year. Looking foward to 9/22.

Again, glad I dont have your schedule....

Ah yeah boyeeeeeeeee!

Broncos 11-5

Raiders 10-6

Chargers 9-7

Chiefs 5-11


Oh yeah!! Who cares? The AFC sucks... It's the equivalent of the eastern conference in the NBA... :D:wave:

Gear: Yamaha MODX8, Mojo 61, NS2 73, C. Bechstein baby grand.

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I have been a hack for over 25 years on the keys. I can't really read music (well I could but only very slowly & it would take a long time). I am very much self taught. I did take private lessons for years on trumpet but I started playing piano on my own when I was about 10 or so.


Depending on what you are trying to do with your music having a classical or rigidly structured training background may not be of the utmost necessary but in the end I think it would be more useful than not.


Do what you can with what you have is my motto. :)



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I'm the king of all hacks! I can program, sample, chop, slice, dice and even julliene all day, but ask me to play a blues scale in Cm and my eyes will glaze over and I may even begin to drool... :freak:


That said, anyone have some cool practice ideas that may get my head going in a more "legit" direction (I can read music - slowly - and have a decent grasp of theory)? :thu:

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