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Software to control your stage setup?


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Hi again...back with another question...


I'm kind of on infornationoverload since I've gotten back into the band thing after a 10 year hiatus.


Anyway, Journey concert last year, I was fortunate to have front row on Jon Cain's side of the stage.


I noticed he had a laptop to the left of the synthesizer (an old Ensoniq TS-10 I think) that sits on top of his piano.


Between every song, I would see him "click" the mouse pad, and I could see things change on a couple modules in his rack.


Question: what kind of software does this? It looked like he could change entire scenes with one click, and be ready for the next song.






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In theory, any reasonably versatile sequencing software or hardware could accomplish this. Set up a "mini-song" in the sequencer for each new song, or for each program change within a song. Each "mini-song" simply consists of bank select & program change commands on the applicable midi channels.

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