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Do you connect all of your keyboards to the mixer in stereo?


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Do you connect all of your sound sources to the mixer using stereo channels? ROMplers are a natural choice for stereo connection, but what about VA's? Things like a Nord Modular can be connected with four mono channels, or two stereo pairs. Do you connect units dedicated to bass sounds in stereo? Everything seems to be designed for stereo connection now but this can use a lot of channels on a mixer. It also seems to make it harder to position different instruments at differents pans in the stereo field. So how do you handle this?



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Everything in stereo except for the Mini, which gets three channels - high out straight to the board, low out to the POD, returned in stereo.


Oh yes - the DM Pro gets four channels - kick, snare, and Mix L/R.


I use two separate submixers - one 20 channels, one 24 channels. Any synth plugged into them can be bussed to the main and/or aux outputs of either submixer, and the main and aux outputs of both submixers return to my main board.





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Certain synths lend themselves to stereo mixing, and others don't. I use quite a few of the separate outputs of my two Kurzweils, so I need 'single' channels on the mixer for that. Also, sometimes a stereo signals demands to be narrowed or moved in the stereo field.

The moral: I got myself a 32-channel mixer.

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In the studio I don't use a mixer. :eek::D


Everything goes into a patchbay in stereo. I patch things around as I need to, to get them into the DAW. The good thing is that I don't have to run around the backs of anything anymore.


The only thing I sometimes miss the ability to buss efx. But it's not like I have much outboard stuff to do elaborate things with. I mostly use a reverb box, a compressor (to help tame dynamics on vocals) and a harmonizer. Those are typically for vocals, so the patch bay puts them in series for me.


Live, each keyboard goes mono to the mixer.



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I'm fortunate in that I've got enough synths to stay in "Patch/Prog" mode almost all of the time, so stereo in for me works just fine. Also, for the sake of keeping the midi timing as tight as possible :) , I only print one synth at a time into Pro Tools.

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Yep, all my synths go to a Rolls RM209 (Line mixer), then to a Tascam M08 (4 mono,4 stereo), together with the outputs from the soundcard, microphone, a cd player, and any other misc stuff I may have. Then, M08 -> Stereo EQ -> Amp and Monitors. The RM209 has two sets of ouputs, so the 2nd one goes to the soundcard.

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Live, I stick to mono. Unless you're sitting at a table on a line bisecting the two PA speakers, the audience get very little if any stereo effect (the dropoff is really quite dramatic). I used to run stereo but it was more hassle than it was worth.


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All mono here, with the Hammond & JP8000 going thru amps and then being mic'ed. Onstage stereo is kinda pointless IMO except for an occasional tricky effect.

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