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Nord Lead 2 and 3 comparison?

Bunny Knutson

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I've been borrowing my friend's Clavia Nord Lead 2 a lot over the last several months, and I want to get my own if I can score one for under $600.


My question is for players who have owned both the Nord Lead 2 and 3.


What is the difference between the two models, and is it worth US$1,000?

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There is a difference in terms of sound, and I´ve heard it´s because Clavia lost one of their key developers. I´m not saying that the 3 isn´t as good as the 2, just that there´s a difference. The 3 has loads of more filter types, more advenced FM and the easiest user interface on any synth I´ve tried. IMO the 2 has a harsher sound; the 3 tends to be more polite until you start tweaking around. The 3 can do pads and ambiences you can´t do on the 2, and at the same time it can get down and even dirtier than the 2. With the 3 I can basically do anything I did on the 2, and a lot more, and I´m really happy I upgraded!



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Thanks, Analogaddict. There's a Nord Lead 2 going on Ebay right now for under $600. The auction is about to end, and I'm tempted, but I want to play a Nord Lead 3 before I commit to a 2.


I mostly use the 2 for right-handed leads and chording, but the new pads on the 3 that you mentioned are intriguing. I'm gonna go check it out before I buy a 2.


Has anybody else played both models?

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