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Andromeda or Minimoog Voyager?


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I am interested in adding a real Analog synth to my collection. right now i have (Waldrof Q, Waldrof Wave Xt, Supernove, Extremlead XL, Jv-2080, Tr-Rack, Virus C XL, Korg Z1. They are all great but they are imitating analog. They sound phat but I want phatter and clear tones. How is the Andromeda. It is inticeing over the minimoog becuase it has polyfany. I do mostly pop dance and transe/electronica. let me know thanks
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Lots of people on the board have the A6, including me. I really like mine. Check out the latest BT and the Matrix Reloaded soundtracks for some examples of the Andromeda in an electronica setting. I'm sure the Voyager sounds bigger for bass, but the big Andy pads make me weep. You should get both. :)
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I played with the Voyager at length in the store and thought it soudned great, felt great, was just elegant and classy and cool, however...


I'd have to be in a very different position in life to justify nearly 3k on a monosynth, however...


When I look at your exisiting rig, with its pretty formidable array of VAs and such, adding the Voyager almost makes sense.


Voyager to add a monophonic swath of real analog to your existing rig, or...


Andromeda to probably replace a good segment of your exisiting sound sources with real analog.

Check out the Sweet Clementines CD at bandcamp
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