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Fantom-S 64 poly & logo font?


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I was reading a thread and some people are really not happy with the Fantom-S's 64 note polyphony.. is there a way to up the amount of poly?


Also, anyone know what the name of the font is in the Fantom-S text logo? Or do you have it? Wanna make a wallpaper.

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The only way to up the polyphony is with an external unit such as the XV-5050. I have a Fantom and keep it attached to an XV-5080. If I want sampling I use a Yamaha A5000. I write on the Fantom, then split parts out to other sources. One thing that can help is to try using patches that take fewer voices when possible. Example, the Nice Piano patch uses four layers. Each note you hit takes four of your polyphony. There is another piano patch that only takes one note of polyphony. It does not sound as good, but it will get you buy during the writing phase. Once you start recording switch to the better patch and track one part at a time.



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