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OT-JAMFREE Live tonight in Universal City...

Steve LeBlanc

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...if you're in LA and don't have to be up too early tomorrow, we're playing at the Universal Bar and Grill tonight. We'll start at about 10:30PM, doing about a 40 minute set.


Come check it out if you can.


Oh, btw, Jeff the Weasel is playing guitar and THAT my friends is worth the price of admission.


Free Show! :D haha Should be a pretty good set, we rehearsed and everything ;)


Address for Universal Bar and Grill



I apologize if this reads as spam...I haven't been doing any shows in a while so I'm kinda excited about tonight.

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Hey, sounds fun. I think I'll go.


Wait a minute...I'm playing this gig! :)


Seriously, if you've never heard Steve's Hammond and Rhodes chops, they're worth checking out on any occasion, even with my goofy guitar distracting you.


See you tonight!


- Jeff

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Ah man. Under the right circumstances, I would have dropped everything and done a 6-hour roadtrip to see that. But I was playing JJ's myself, and here I am at work Monday morning, and....




So how did it go, boys? Sorry I missed it.



Make my funk the P-funk.

I wants to get funked up.


My Funk/Jam originals project: http://www.thefunkery.com/


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