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quick questoin for ya


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while lookin at synths on ebay.com, It's always struck me as strange that people who have 200+ feedback marks are selling synthesizers and or keyboards. Like, Um, damn, here I go having trouble putting my thoughts into words, but my drift is like I think those people are just selling synths to make money, and aren't musicians, due to their high volume on ebay. If so, how do they get the boards so cheap? do they buy things on ebay , and resell them?

Get what I mean?

What do you think? :P

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So do you think that the people sellin boards with 200+ sales are just musician who sell stuff on ebay becasue that's become such a common thing, or do you think the're just people trying to profit offa board selling? I've been tracking the selling prices of many board for a few weeks now, just to generate a median price ;)

I'm startin to think that these people with the 200+ sales are just people making profit.

I mean, if ther were no shipping costs, who wouldn't want to sell a board to make 10 bucks :confused: ,ya know. So with S&H going for like $20-$80 how are these people profiting? where are they getting the boards from? why are Alesis Ions sold for $100 less than SRP ?

later :P

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A lot of those people are pawnshops, or consignment type dealers. You will see some ads mention 'subject to prior sale'. Click on 'see sellers other ads' and get the lowdown. Kcbass

 "Let It Be!"

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before i took this Sh-32 apart and cleaned it really well, I tested it out. and mine has a bug :evil: I don't mind it that much , though, because I'm not using it live. however, if the bug bites while I'm recording, I'll have to start over!

here's what happened:

I don't know th epolophny of this synth, butI was playing a chord that was like 8 fingers large, and it never stoppped its susstain, and the synth just froze! I restarted it, and it was fine . I cleaned it really well. air in a caned th einside , took all the sliders and knobs off and cleaned them in hot water. then i was playing it for a few hours just before, and it froze on me again when i was playing a sequance of like 4 keys really quickly. also, I was playing the drum kit patch, and I like got ahead of the synths memory. I was hitting keys and they weren't playing, and when i let away from the keys, it played back what I played for about 7 seconds :o then, it froze again, and when i twidles the line out, it went back to normal. I think that once I "become one " with this synth, I'll be able to avoid this bug, hopefully... but, whatever, it's a rare occurance, and for $210.00 , I 'aint complaining that much.


I only got 2 things from ebay so far, but I try my best not to get scammed. when i got my JP-8000 , I waited untill I found one withing a few hours driving from my home , to pick it up personally. Also, the person i got this sh-32 from was a pawn shop owner with like 945 saled 98% positive rating, so i went ahead. maybe I'll give him a bad rating for the bug. I mean, I know he probobly never really played the thing, and when i opened it up, I thought it was mint brand new, but bugs suck....

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