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This is reason enough for me to get a Mac:


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No offence Phait, but that Cyrix chip is pretty ancient and 96MB isn't really enough to run anything much any more.


I know PT Free is incompatible with many non-Intel processors and chip sets. Digi put it out there and if it runs great, otherwise they're not going to do anything to ensure it works with a bunch of different stuff. I tried PT Free on the Mac and liked the straightforward approach of the software and got on board as a result. But I've got some 1995 era Macs in the garage that would probably give similar error messages if I tried to run PT Free on them.


I don't they updated it since it was released. It doesn't support XP or OSX, for example.



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Pro Tools *FREE* doesn't run in WinXP/OS X, or Pro Tools itself? I'm sure PT $ runs, read that everywhere :P


But yeah, I know this is an old PC.. I'll be building a desktop after I get the laptop. I'll be building PC most likely cause thats what I do everything else on ('net, games, web design)

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Cyrix 150? I had one of those. In 1997. Secondhand.

With that, you're limited to Win 95 or 98, so you'll get a lot of crashes that you wouldn't get on a modern OS. Was that the original Grand Theft Auto? Way retro, man. ;)

Seriously, though, you can get apps crashing on OS X, too. IME, though, the worst offenders are WMP and Office: Microsoft products. With Windows, it doesn't help that IE is integrated into the OS, so if IE crashes, your OS is in trouble. And that million or so hackers picking at Windows shouldn't leave you feeling secure.

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