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If They would only come out with(fill in the blank) I would be happy for five years..


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What could the music gear guys come up with that would make you happy.Your biggest musical wet dream ever...what is it?




K.D.Lang and Kyle Maclachlan-Separated at birth?

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A Synaptic Conductor (its a pill that sends transmitters to every synapse in your brain and, when you turn on the "Conductor," it records (at 24/192 and in surround, of course) the music you hear in your head).
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Originally posted by SteveRB:

A really great drum machine for under, say $600. It that too much to ask ? :confused: Boss, Zoom, and Alesis just don't cut it.

Just out of curiosity,Steve,why do you NOT like the SR-16-

Just wondering....

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Originally posted by Lee Flier:

Originally posted by Addix Metzatricity:

How 'bout a really great drummer for under $600!

I have one of those, and yes, that's definitely a musician's wet dream. :P:D
NOW tell me I don't know how to make Lee magically appear.

"Bass isn't just for breakfast anymore..."



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How about a foldable 88 key controller(suitcase style)?


How about a keyboard action mechanically adjustable to the user's preference.(at least 3 points of adjustment)


How about speakers on keyboards like Yamaha P60,120,250, Roland F-series, etc., being replaced with an improved version of the Bose acoustic wave(I think that's the name) sound system?

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Happiness is a choice and an action.


If you're waiting for someone else to do something so you'll be happy, you might as well wait for Godot.


(sorry, couldn't resist the implicit existential theme of this post.)

I used to think I was Libertarian. Until I saw their platform; now I know I'm no more Libertarian than I am RepubliCrat or neoCON or Liberal or Socialist.


This ain't no track meet; this is football.

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A program that will simply, intelligently and intuitively interpret what I play on keyboard into printable music notation lead sheets, with guitar charts, without having to learn jumbled messes like Finale and Sibelius.


A portable outboard digital recorder with rich features like the Korg D1600 I use, but that exports in a small, compressed file format at the track level so I could pull a rough mix into my PC and play with the MIX as well as the mastering.


a timed auto-punch feature on my D1600 where I could mark the punch point first, then have it punch by itself on the next pass so I don't have to do it manually and miss my entrance on a tight punch.


Really really spectacular articulated sounds, especially cymbals, for my V-Drums.


Oh, and better chops.



Phil "Llarion: The Jazzinator" Traynor


Smooth Jazz

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A drum machine/sampler(like a MPC or Groovebox) with a big ass monitor and software-like sequencing/editing.


Lincoln Ross

Dead Black Jedis

"All conditioned things are impermanent. Work out your own salvation with diligence."


The Buddha's Last Words


R.I.P. RobT

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What movie was it that had the orgasm brain-wave on a tape loop?
Brainstorm. Had Natalie Wood in it, but unfortunately not in that particular scene. At least it had her playing piano. And her hubby (ex-hubby?) learning to play piano by playing a tape of her brainwaves. The psychotic tape looked like a lot of fun too.


How about a real EASY, simple, & intuitive way to control all those synth parameters? That can make it all more fun.

"shit" happens. Success Takes Focus.
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