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yamaha p-80 and the motif rack


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Is this a good fit? I have the p-80 and was thinking about getting a new board. However, cash limitations is a concern. Also, I kinda like my p-80. My son and daughter use it for their lessons. Getting a second keyboard at this time is not an option. So I either have to get a new keyboard or get a module to go with my present keyboard. I was thinking about the motif rack. Any ideas on how this will work with a p-80. Does anybody foresee any problems. I've heard that the p-80 may not work well as a controller.
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It may not work well if you want full use of the sounds on the module. Control wheels, after touch, assignable pedals really help bringing life to those otherwise static samples.


Since you already have a nice piano, a small 61 keys like Roland XP-30 or Yamaha S-30 would give you all the other sounds needed.


Another thing: There are a lot of sounds I'd rather not play from a weighted keyboard.

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i think cartlito is right there.

i even think you can't send a program change from the p 80 (am i right). So a (cheap) controller keyboard is worth looking for


you can even use a cheaper keyboard than an xp-30 as a controller, such as roland jv-30 , korg n-5 or something (occasion from Ebay).


These give your much more control of your module, with only a little bit money extra.


good luck




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