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How Close Can You Get?


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Got a favorite piece of music? Pop,soundtrack,orchestral?


Can you demo any of the above and see how close you can get to replicating them?

Be careful,it's a little harder than it sounds!

But,it's a great exercise for learning about orchestrations and arrangements.




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This is actually something that used to be done (amd maybe still is) in a lot of recording programs (Berklee, for one). Teaches you about arranging, performance and production.
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I wanted to bump this thread which I was interested in.


What sort of exercises etc can one do to sharpen their skills at hearing a piece of music, then arranging it with all the instrumentations? Basic ear-training?

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Exercises to sharpen the ear? Hell, join a cover band. Your main job is to identify parts and recreate them. Eventually you'll be able to sing or perform every part your band mates are playing. You may need to cover a bass part if the player's gear fails, or if he fails to show up for the gig. You may need to fill in parts of instruments not present in the band. I had to cover pedal steel parts in my current band, in addition to all the keyboard parts.


You'll get good in a hurry, or you'll get fired. Rent is an amazing motivator. :)



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