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Your Nice Little Cabin by the Lake


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Ah,weekends!A couple of days to relax out where the busses don't run and you don't need an alarm clock to wake up early.Go fishing,breathe the air...enjoy life...drink and eat too much.

But you knew in advance that,even in your quietest moments,your muse would tap you on the shoulder and sweetly demand a little *satisfaction*

So,what kind of really simple(yet still oh so powerful)music rig do you have tucked away in your cabin by the lake?It has to be really simple

because you want to spend time on your music and not giving waveforms crew cuts.

As I'm filling my mouth to the roof with Jack and Cokes,I recall that the simplest rig I could come up with was:


Korg D1200 MKII

Casio WK-3500


Ah,the simple life.........

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Actually, the only instrument that's kept up at the cottage in northern Wisconsin is an acoustic guitar. I have no idea what kind, but it has nylon strings and sounds just fine when we're sitting around the campfire!



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How about a real live old-school cabin twin keyboard rig: a box piano and a pump organ? Party like it's 1869! :thu:

"I had to have something, and it wasn't there. I couldn't go down the street and buy it, so I built it."


Les Paul

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Well...That's where my "obsolete keyboards go to retire. I have a room dedicated to brainstorming. A Roland D20, a Korg DSS-1, an EMU Proformance 1, a Roland MT-32, a Roland DDR-30 drum module as well as a Alesis D-4, drum module... and the piece d'resistance... a Brother PDC-100 sequencer... all sitting where I have a perfect view out of the picture window looking over a small lake in northern Michigan. Life is good... just not often enough!


After "working on my thoughts, they're saved to a floppy and brought home to download on the computer here at home and worked on in "reality".

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