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I'm trying to sell my old CZ-101 on ebay right now. I was flipping through the manual, and I found a cool chart that shows a bunch of harmonics to use when programming synths. I've been able to get some cool glassy bells and metallic rings with these settings on my Andromeda. Hope you find these interesting. -jl


+1 octave: second harmonic

+1 oct, + 7 semitones: third harmonic

+2 oct: fourth harmonic

+2 oct, +3.5 semi: fifth harmonic (sound of hitting wood)

+2 oct, +9 semi: sixth harmonic

+3 oct: seventh harmonic

+3 oct, +2 semi: ninth harmonic

+3 oct, +3.5 semi: tenth harmonic

+3 oct, +5.3 semi: eleventh harmonic

+3 oct, +7 semi: twelfth harmonic (glass)

+3 oct, +8.2 semi: thirteenth harmonic

+3 oct, +9.3 semi: fourteenth harmonic

+3 oct, +10.5 semi: fifteenth harmonic (metal)

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