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Careening toward the millenium!


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Just happen to stop and look at my post count and noticed that I'm right on the edge of 1000. As I pondered this for a moment, I had to stop and wonder:


- Is my rapid accumulation of posts here an indication that I really don't have a life (or at least haven't had one lately)?


- Has anyone else racked up 1000 posts faster than I did (in less than 18 months)?


- To borrow from Phil Traynor an unanswered question - if a Terminator terminates, and an elevator elevates, what exactly does a Griffinator do (other than post frequently on bulletin boards)?


Sheesh. I need to stop looking at BB's at 2am... :D


It's been a hell of a lot of fun since Steve pointed me over here back in March last year...

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