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True Analog - Analog POWER


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this board seems to have more people familiar with new analog synths -


i'm trying to decide between a Vermona Perfourmer and an AnalogueSolutions Red Square.


which one do you guys consider more powerful?


Perfourmer's got simpler parameters, but it has potential of 4 osc's for a monophonic synth! It has FM, but no pulsewidth mod, no ring mod, and no sync between oscillators.


Meanwhile Red Square is 1 voice, 2 oscillators, and more parameters in general.





i've not had the fortune to demo them in person, can't find them. it's been all based on mp3demos.


i'd like to hear your opinions based on just specs and mp3s also!


which one is sicker? more extreme sounds?

which one can has a more powerful thicker or dare i say 'warmer' tone?




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