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Anybody else listens to some avant-prog?


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I'm not going to say that I'm the biggest fan of avant-garde music, but... lately I'd find myself listening to some avant(prog) CDs more and more...

(Guess it's time to visit my psychologist! lol)

I think it all started a few years back when I ordered Thinking Plague - "In Extremis", which is hailed by many critics as "one of the best accessible RIO (rock in opposition) albums ever". Now it firmly belongs to the (not so long) list of my personal favorite CDs of all time.

I also quite like these two Belgian(?) bands, Universe Zero ("Ceux De Tours") and (its off-spring) Present ("N6").

Today I got the CD "...A Mere Coincidence" by The Science Group. "Same" thing! :eek: Wild, weird, angular, polytonal (and poly-everything), heavily composed stuff which would drive a casual listener mad. The most worrying part of this all is that I enjoy it!

Anybody else was/is into this "highly anti-popular" yet extremely creative music? Your favorites? Just curious...

I am back.
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A-ha...(I mean) King Crimson... Many of so-called RIO bands certainly were/are influenced by them. But KC still is a rock band in its essence, while those I mentioned - they are a kind of ... "in opposition" to rock! :D Their music is like serious (or actually quite humorous at times) contemporary (beginning with 20 century) chamber music played on instruments mostly associated with pop/rock music.

Ozric Tentacles is from another planet at all. I'm a big OT fan (can't say the same regarding KC, alas!) but they are space-rock (space-prog-fusion, whatever) band, not a RIO in any sense.


Dirk Mont Cambell... this name rings a bell...

Of course! Dave Stewart mentioned his name several times during his time in Keyboard.

I have to find some of his recordings.

I am back.
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