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A Request


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To the publishers of "Keyboard" Magazine,why don't you start a forum where we the readers suggest feature ideas and such.I've got a great one to start.

Next year,"Miami Vice" will be 20 years old(hard to believe!)and I would love to see a be-all,end-all article on the music of Jan Hammer as concerns "Vice".You could ask him all of the usual questions that come with the territory and a really good topper would be to have a transcription of the theme to "Miami Vice",complete with all synth orchestrations.Heck,take it one step further and have a contest to see who can come up with a unique interpretation (not a "copycat" caper-anyone with money could sound like Mr.Hammer if they chose to)of the "Vice" theme and have Jan Hammer be one of the celebrity judges.

I don't know what the prize would be,but I'm sure you could come up with something suitable.


This is my idea. Whats yours,forum people?

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To add to Skyy's list: hey Keyboard, could you PLEASE write one paragraph on the manuals for everything you review? Your review of the Roland Fantom S-88 did say, "You didn't need the manual", but I WANT to know how good the manual is. Please???? :wave:


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