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Need help learning - video piano lessons?


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I am a self taught guy with low skill levels when it comes to keeping rhythm using the left hand in chords and bass notes.


I have seen videos advertised (like Talc Tolchin, etc) but wondered if anyone has direct experience with them.



I don't have a flexible enough schedule to allow for formal lessons.


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I have no answer because I have no experience with video lesson, but as an old-time pianist and teacher, I would strongly advise to see a good teacher, even if only every now and then, at least to check your playing posture and to give you advice and exercises for the long-term run.


Otherwise, you risk to learn wrong hand and arm positions, and damage your playing and your muscles. Do the videos, but check with a *good* teacher.


My 2 cents

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I agree with Marino. Also, for the money you spend on a video you could take a few lessons with a real person and you might actually be inspired to do better. There's nothing like a interaction with another person.


If you go the video route, see if you can get a copy though your library. If your local library doesn't have it, they may be able to order it from another larger library. Why pay if it's availible for free or a very small fee.

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Marino and Dave are right. I have a few videos, Chick Corea, Dr. John, Warren Bernhardt, Steely Dan/Donald Fagan, that are fun to watch the first time. In my opinion thay are worthless as teaching tools. I cannot learn to play just by watching someone else play on TV. That's just me - maybe others can [but I doubt it]. Can you read? Go through a little Scott Joplin, James Johnson, etc, in a ragtime book for a left hand workout. But, take some lessons. That's where I'd spend the money; on a teacher.
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