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On the subject of endorsements...


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Hi, I was reading through some old 1970s Keyboard issues and noticed that there were mentions of artist endorsements in some of the pages. I don't recall this being alluded to in more recent Keyboard magazines.


I know of local musicians (drummer, and guitarist) who have some endorsement deals with guitar, drum, and accessory companies. I once tried contacting a synth manufacturer trying to get a deal myself, but the reply was that they did not offer artist endorsements at that time.


I think artist endorsement programs are a great thing. They offer the starving artist a chance to get gear they otherwise couldn't afford, and they offer manufacurers real, in-the-flesh, "live" advertising which translates into more potential sales and interest in their products.


As someone who will be losing their job soon due to a plant closure, my curiosity is getting the better of me about this topic. Does anyone know if synth companies still offer artist endorsements? Is anyone here endorsed by any synthesizer, or other companies?



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