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Gaffer tape and name masking

Rick K.

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I got to see Dave Matthews last night here in Phoenix at the Cricket Pavillon. Amazing concert. Of course I was checking out the keyboard player. I couldn't help notice that he was playing a Motif 8 with a Triton pro on top, then on the side, he had a Hammond of some sorts and a Motif 6 on top of that.


I noticed that he had grey gaffer tape covering the 'Korg Triton Pro' and the Yamaha Motif's were exposed.


Anybody know why they do that? I know that there's sponsorship and all, but would/could Yamaha perhaps made them coverup the Korg emblem?



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Maybe he has an endorsement for Yamaha, but is using a Korg too. The people who are treating musicians on an endorsement don't like it when you're "advertising" for another brand.

I'd love a Yamaha endorsement, but then I would have to tape my VK8. Yamaha doesn't have any valid clonewheel. Sweet dreams...



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