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GeoSync, Kurzweil disk partition?


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I have read the scsi reference on the Kurzweil

support page and am still confused. I have a 9

Gb glyph drive that I would like to employ on a

scsi chain that includes a K2000 v3.53 and a

K2500 w/KDFX with the most recent O/S. One part

of the info says the synths can utilize 8 Gb of

drive space divided in 2Gb partitions. In another

section of the info it says the synths can only

recognize the first 2 Gb section. Can I utilize

8 Gb on the 9Gb drive? If so, can I partition

the drive from the K2500 or must it be done on a


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that version of the K2000 OS does not support the partitions.


I do not recall if it was implemented in the last K2000 OS or not anymore.


If it is in 3.87 then you would have to upgrade the OS ROM chips.


Sorry I can't recall, I sure geo will chime in

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Your K2500 will be able to see four 2GB partitions. A K2000 with version 3.52 or later of the OS should be able to address the hard drive's first 2 gig partition. See http://www.kurzweilmusicsystems.com/html/drive_compatibility_info.html


~Peter Schouten

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Your system should see it with no problem. I too have a 9 GIG drive & since I upgraded to the newest OS version there is no problem what so ever. However, it does partition that drive into 2 GIG partitions & the last 1 GIG is useless.
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Like everyone else has said..


Partition the drive using the K2500

you will have 4 2gig partitions that the K2500 will see

the K2000 will also see the 1st 2 gig partition

So any files you want shared between the 2 must be on the 1st partition.


I would reccomend upgrading to OS 3.87 for the K2000.

Then you can burn ISO9660 CD ROMS that can be read by both . 3.87 is required for the K2000 to reccognize ISO 9660

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George Hamilton

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