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Newbie question re S90/Motif


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Can someone explain to this newbie what the difference is between the S90 and Motif? Assume total ignorance! I know that Motif does more than the S90, but can all that extra stuff be done by hooking up to a Mac? Also, how does 64 polyphony vs. Motif ES 128 matter?
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I have an S80 not an S90, they are quite similar. The S90 is primarily designed to be a performance keyboard while the Motif is aimed at the workstation market.


Major differences? The Motif comes in 4 variants - the Motif 6 (61 un weighted keys), Motif 7 (73 un weighted keys) and Motif 8 (88 weighted hammer action keys) and Motif Rack (no keys). The Motif has a built in Sampler and Sequencer, more outputs, more effects and is Silver!!!


As far as 128 note polyphony, this is only on the new Motif ES which was just announced. The original Motif and the S90 both have 64 voice polyphony. 64 voices sounds like a lot when you only have 10 fingers however it is easy to use of polyphonic voices with keyboard splits, layers and stereo patches. In a performance keyboard, no one is going to notice when you run out of polyphony. In a workstation - assuming you are recording, it would be more noticeable.



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