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.WAV piano synth? (non-midi)


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Well, I've got this MIDI program called Music Sculptor. Yes, it allows you to compose cheesy midi music. This is what I'm trying to avoid, and have been hoping theres a .WAV alternative that I can mess around with.. (it's going to be awhile before I get that keyboard)
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well, th ebest wav . music prg woudl be fruity loops, an dit's dirt cheap. life time free upgraded prg for $100. Great for beginners, intermediates.

If I didn't have so much hardware that i woudl liek to incorperate with my fruityloops, It would be my only program.

Honesly , I'm scared of MIDI. I think i'll eventually get cubase, so i can have my hardware in the main structure.

Hopefully , i can just get really good with my cool edit pro audio recording prg to incorperate the harware.

bye. :wave:

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Cheesy MIDI music? Can you HEAR the music coming out of your computer? If you can HEAR it, it's probably WAV sounds that you're hearing. You can't hear MIDI; it's impossible. MIDI is just an instruction to play a particular WAV at a particular time. This is why it's important to UNDERSTAND the technology before you start spending big bucks.


Tell us more about this program. Perhaps we can suggest ways to get more out of it, or maybe we can suggest an atlernative. Have you checked out REASON yet? It ROCKS!



The Black Knight always triumphs!


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