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What Is The Simplest Fastest Way to get Vstis into Ableton Live ???


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what's up folks, I'm going crazy trying to figure out the most painless way to get vstis into ableton Live, I used to be able to get by without'em but can no longer do so. Most of the time what I hear people say is use cubase, that is not going to work, not that i'm not able just that what I really need is something much more simple and faster, whether it's a less bloated sequencer or whatever I just really need to get over this hump.


thanks in advance for any insights you might have

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Nawledge, it seems like you realize this, but in case you don't, there's no support for VSTis in Live:


Posted at Ableton\'s site :


I try to use my VST instruments in Live, but they don't show up in the VST Plug-in-Window.


Unfortunately, you can't use VST instruments within Live. Any VST instruments in your Plug-in directory will be ignored when you launch the program.

Check out this thread for third party solutions.





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