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Hammond M3 question


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Who knows the impedance rating for the onboard tube amp? I'm running a 1/4" out off the speaker wire, and I don't want to blow it up. Or, better yet, who can tell me what type resistor to solder in to bring it down to line level?

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You might find an answer elsewhere faster. Try a google search ... I came up with http://www.hammondb3organ.com/ and http://www.hammondorgancenter.com/ which looks promising.


I bought a used M3 from a drummer I worked with and eventually sold it to a funeral home somewhere upstate NY. They got it for a song. I hadn't used it in ages and the generator was bone dry. Good luck.

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If memory serves me well, you need a 200k resistor, followed by a 5k between signal and shield.


Never disconnect a speaker from a tube amp (unless power is off :D )

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Hmmm, I've been meaning to get that book. Looks like I'll have to buy it now.... I want to tap the internal reverb amp of my A100 and feed its output thru my Marshall stack to occasionally get that Emerson/Lord crashing effect.

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