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Yamaha vs. Fatar KEYS


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I've posted this in Jordan Rudess' forum, please tell me what do you think.


Here's what I think I know( maybe i'm wrong ):

Korg Karma - Fatar Keys

Korg Trinity - Yamaha Keys


here is my questions:

Roland synths uses this two kind's of keys too?, I've played a JV-1000 and I think this synth have the yamaha keys, Am I wrong?


Can people play faster with Yamaha keys then when playing with a Fatar keys? I think Yamaha keys much more light than Fatar.


Do you guys feel more confortable playing fast leads with the Yamaha or Fatar keys?, I feel I can play with my fingers a little more relaxed with it Yamaha's.

( I've only played Yamaha's keys in a Trinity ... )


Thanks for the help.

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From what I have been able to learn about the keybed manufacturers of my synth, the Fatar produced keys seem to be a bit slower. They do not feel as smooth and spring back as fast. I definately like the feel of the Trinity over the Karma. The Roland JV synths had the best synth action touch for me. I don't know if they have changed but the Fantom keys are not quite as good as the older JV's, but still better than that Karma.






Edit - just to clarify my comments about the Fatar keyboards are about synth action keyboards, not weighted action.

This post edited for speling.

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I believe my QS8 contains a Fatar keyboard (Dave is this correct?) and I have always liked that action. Yamaha's weighted keyboards (the motif for example) tend to be too light but are quite playable.


The worst quality in a keyboard when it comes to playing fast is sponginess at the bottom of the action, rather than weight. If the bottom of the action is solid you get elastic energy back from playing a key that helps moving to the next key. If the bottom is spongy its like trying to run in sand - much harder work than running on a firm surface.

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