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Interfacing HALion 2.0 with Pro Tools 6.1 in Mac OS X

Geoff Grace

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Okay, I know that this is a bit premature considering that Pro Tools 6.1 won't be released until later this month. Not only that, but I'm still setting up OS X and waiting for my copy of HALion 2.0 to arrive. Please humor me anyway... :D


Is there a better way to interface HALion 2.0 with Pro Tools 6.1 than by using VSTi Host ?


Pro Tools 6.1 will introduce support for Propellerhead Software's ReWire technology. It also will support Core Audio drivers for Mac OS X systems, enabling third party audio programs supporting the Core Audio standard to utilize supported Digidesign hardware for multi-channel recording and playback.


VSTi Host is a Macintosh application that allows one VST instrument and four chainable VST effects to be used outside of larger host applications (like Cubase, Logic, etc.). It also allows for sequencers that may not have native support for VST plug-ins and/or instruments (like Pro Tools, Logic 6, Digital Performer, and Metro for example) to use them, as long as the sequencer supports the OMS-IAC bus (in Mac OS 9) or Core MIDI (in Mac OS X). VSTi Host also offers Core Audio input & output. Therefore, VSTi Host should be able to interface one instance of HALion with Pro Tools.


I know that there is a Mac version of Steinberg's V-Stack in the works. V-Stack seems like VSTi Host on steroids! Ideally though, I'd like to find an application that makes HALion look like an RTAS plug-in to Pro Tools or one that connects HALion to Pro Tools via ReWire.


Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance for your replies.





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