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Recycle feature in Cubase SX?


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I've noticed that the Rex file reduce the quality of the sound. I compared the same 'drum kick' audio file, one was the original wav file & the other was recycle'd file (sliced audio). The result; the Rex file wasn't as good as the original one, it had lost the quality.

SO I am just wondering if I did the quantize straight from Cubase (not recycle), would that also reduce the quality of the audio.



Hanjaya C.

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I don't know if this has anything to do with your particular situation, but ReCycle is limited to 16 bit files. Cubase SX can record and process 32 bit floating point files.


If you are comparing the two, you will notice a difference. But without converting the 32 bit file to 16 bit, ReCycle wouldn't even open it, so I suspect this may not be your specific problem.


Slicing and Dicing in SX is done in the sample editor with the Hitpoints feature.


Check out the manual and give it a shot.



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