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How do I record knob movements from the Nord 1 into Cubase 5.1 via midi?


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I've been totally softsynth up till now. What do I need in order to record automation from the Nord Lead 1 into Cubase 5.1 on the fly while playing? Do I need something like sound diver? What exactly does that software do? :confused:
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you're probably recording it but just haven't found it yet.

i have a NL2, but the 1 is probably similar.

in your NL1 manual, towards the back, you may have a section called 'midi implementation'.


it lists what controller # is sent when you turn a knob.


for instance, if i turn the lfo1 rate knob, it sends out controller #19.


after you've recorded it, select the track and go into one of the midi editors and select the display for controller 19 and you will see your movements there and they can be edited.

i use the piano roll editor, but some people might use a list editor or whatever.

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