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harmony-central.com where'dit go? anyone

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No, I checked with them and it IS personal. They drew your name out of a hat and have been talking about you behind your back ever since. Also, something they said makes me feel obligated to warn you NOT to drink any water from your tap. I would also suggest that you paint your car a different color, and alter your personal appearence in some way -maybe dark glasses and chin putty. BUT SERIOUSLY -(if you're still reading) I doubt the problem is with the M$ browser. More than likely you are typing it in wrong. My suggestion is for you to click the following link and see if it works for you. [url=http://www.harmony-central.com/]CLICK ME!!!! I WORK!!!! I\'ll TAKE YOU TO HARMONY CENTRAL!!!! NO FOOL\'N!!!![/url]

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Neither of the above tries worked!!!!! CLICK ME!!!! I WORK!!!! I'll TAKE YOU TO HARMONY CENTRAL!!!! NO FOOL'N!!!! FRIKK!!!! All I can do is laugh!!! Damn!!! tied it in new windows, and my currently openned one. I remembered once when one of our sites was newly listed, that the site was up at other IP's but I use earthlink, and they took a day or 2 longer to recieve the address pointing info (or whatever). Could this be a earthlink thing?

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[quote]Originally posted by dlbmusic: [b] Could this be a earthlink thing?[/b][/quote]Probably,sometimes IP's restrict certain ranges other times just temorarily after maintenence(changing servers,moving stuff around ect.).
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I was just getting ready to contact DirecTV to find out why they're blocking my HBO pkg. for the second time in six yrs. Just out of the blue (screen), it quit on both receivers, which means that, probably sometime during maintenance, some part of the system lost the info. I went to Harmony Central for the first time in a long time just last week, from a basic search. Is this your home computer? If you are using an employer's system, they could have blocked you.

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[quote]Originally posted by coaster: [b]you boob. cows dont have fingaz. theys have TEETS MON![/b][/quote]no no, they have fingers too - you must just be looking in the wrong places! the teets arent the first place i'd recommend looking for them ;)
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[quote]Originally posted by dlbmusic: [b]they must be blocking me, I cleared the trash, refreash even a hard refreash, and changed security levels, DAMN!![/b][/quote]Are you sure you erased your cookies? A long time ago I had difficulty with musicplayer.com. Turned out the cookies were messed up. I erased all the musicplayer cookies and began again. Haven't had a problem since. And, incidentally, others have had this problem. Open the C:\Windows\temporary internet files\ folder to be sure your computer didn't simply erase all files BUT cookies. (The delete temp. internet files command leaves cookies as they are.)

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