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Nice Gtr Rec Tip form latest EQ / Chuck Ainlay

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I had a new project start this past Friday just in time to try the setup shown from Mark Knopfler's rig - a 57 and a Royer 121 (OK, well I used APIs rather than Neves, so sue me) - killer sound. I don't know if it is so much the mics or just the placement as I used and AT4050 and AKG414 on the second guitar in the same respective positions and it sounds really good also. This is one of the simplest and best sounding setups I've used (if you have one of those LP clamps for drums mics, you can get it all on one stand). Naturally I recorded it directly into Nuendo as did Chuck - not that I think that really matters ;) .

Steve Powell - Bull Moon Digital


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I've been listening to Knopfler's "Ragpicker's Dream" a LOT lately. I'm not a fan of the folksy direction Mark has gone recently, but the audio clarity, guitar playing and incredible songs really hold my attention. Highly recommended! :thu:


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Ages ago I tried to capture the old vintage Marshall that I used to use in vain(Iv'e since learned some tricks),but in the end,a 57 close up on a small Fender Bronko and a U47 for the room alway's worked magic.I still have 2 12's of those vintage 66 greenbacks in a custom cab,with a Macintosh power amp and peavey pre and powerbrake and still screw around with different mics with it,but these day's I'm afraid it's mostly direct with amp modeling through my Roland or Amplitube.
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